Python Introduction | Installing Python in Windows, Linux

Hello Buddy, Welcome to our Python tutorial which is from Zero to Mastery. This tutorial is going to start off with Python basics to advance.

This tutorial is gonna get you caught up to speed with the basics so that you feel comfortable programming.

We teach you how to use the terminal and the command line about using code editors like Sublime Text, Visual Studio code, and PyCharm.

We also learn how to use Jupiter notebooks for machine learning programs.

In this Tutorial Course we are covering:

  • Python Basics.
  • Developer Environment.
  • Advanced Python.
  • Scripting.
  • Data Scraping.
  • Automation.
  • Web Developing.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Science.

What is Programming Language?

Programming is simply a way for us to give instructions to computers.

We give it an instruction manual and the computer follows. Without code, the computer wouldn’t do anything like moving mouse, open browser, etc.

Computers don’t understand English or any other human language. They can only understand zero and one.

It’s hard for us to communicate like that. So humans have developed programming languages that are in between human language and machine language.

Computers can understand high-level language which is in zeroes and ones. We code in a lower-level language which is closer to English or human language.

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. Now Python usually uses an interpreter usually an interpreter.

To convert a lower-level language to machine language there is a Translator. The translator is not a person or human. It is a software program written by humans that can be either interpreter or compiler.

Python usually uses an interpreter.

The interpreter goes line by line while on other hand a compilers take the entire file and turn it into machine code.

Installing Python (Interpreter)

First check that you have python installed on a your PC.

For Windows: Search in the start bar for Python or run the following on the Command Line (cmd.exe):

C:\Users\Techzeero>python –version

For Linux or Mac: Open Terminal and run following command.

python –version

If python has not installed on your computer, then download python from the below link.

Download Python:-

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