WordPress Tutorials

Page in WordPress

A page in WordPress is a page post type. They are pre-defined in WordPress. For example, the home page, about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc.

Post in WordPress | Explain Gutenberg Editor

In this article, we will explain about all components of Gutenberg Editor. Posts are the blog that contains the content of your website. Post are listed in reverse chronological...

WordPress Dashboard

After login into the WordPress website, the first screen you see is Dashboard. The dashboard displays an overview of the website. It is a control panel where you can...

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

WordPress is the most popular CMS for website development. For learning WordPress we have to install it on our Windows or Mac System. Because it quit hardly possible to learn without using it and we...

What is WordPress

Hey, in this tutorial series we will learn all about WordPress like how to Installing WordPress, plugins, developing a site, WordPress on localhost, WordPress on Server Hosting, etc. so let’s begin from...

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