Arduino Lilypad

The LilyPad Arduino Main Board is predicated on the ATmega168V (the low-power version of the ATmega168) or the ATmega328V.

This board was designed and developed by Leah Buechley and SparkFun electronics.

This board is designed for wearables projects and e-textiles. It will be stitched to material and equally, mounted power provides, sensors and actuators with conductive thread.

Arduino Lilypad is rounded in shape.

This board has 14 digitals I/O pins and 6 analog pins.

Arduino Lilypad

Arduino Lilypad Pinout

Arduino Lilypad Pinout

Technical Specification

MicrocontrollerATmega168 or ATmega328V
Operating Voltage2.7-5.5v
Input Voltage (recommended)2.7-5.5v
Digital I/O Pins14
Analog Input Pins6
DC Current per I/O Pin40 mA
Flash Memory16 KB and 2 KB used by bootloader from 16KB
EEPROM512 Bytes
Clock Speed8 MHz

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