Control TV with an Arduino | IR Remote Control using Arduino

In this tutorial, we will learn how to control the TV with an Arduino. Learn how to make a TV Remote using an IR and Arduino.

The Arduino can interact with almost every device which is using some form of remote control, including TVs, audio equipment, cameras, garage doors, appliances, and toys.

Most remote controls work on the principle of sending digital data from a transmitter to a receiver using infrared light (IR) or wireless radio technology. Different protocols (signal patterns) are used to translate the key presses into digital signals.

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Components Needed

IR Transmitter and Receiver

Decode Key Codes of Remote

We want to detect a specific key pressed on a TV or other remote control.

Circuit Diagram For IR Sensor with Arduino

Code for Decode Remote Key

We use DEC (Decimal), you can also HEX, etc.

Imitating Remote Control Signals Through Arduino

We want to use Arduino to control a TV or other remotely controlled appliance by emulating the infrared signal.

Five buttons select and send one of five codes. Connect an infrared LED to send the signal as shown in the figure.

circuit diagram ir remote arduino

Code for Sending Signals from Arduino Remote

This sketch uses the remote control codes to control devices.

Here Arduino controls the device by flashing an IR LED to duplicate the signal that would be sent from your remote control. This requires an IR LED.

The IR library handles the translation from numeric code to IR LED flashes. We need to create an object for sending IR messages. The following line creates an IRsend object that will control the LED on pin 3.

The code uses an array called irKeyCodes to hold the range of values that can be sent. It monitors five switches to see which one has been pressed and sends the relevant code in the following line:

irsend.sendSony(irKeyCodes[keyNumber], 32);

The irSend object has different functions for various popular infrared code formats, so check the library documents if you are using one of the other remote control formats.

The sketch passes the code from the array, and the number after it tells the function how many bits long that number is. The sketch means the codes are written in DEC.

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