PIR Sensor With Arduino

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use a PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino.

A passive infrared sensor (PIR) is an electronic sensor which is used to detect motion.

When a person in the field of the sensor moves, it detects a sudden change in infrared energy and the sensor is triggered (activated). It acts as a switch.

They don’t detect or measure Heat, but they detect infrared radiation emitted from objects.

These sensors commonly used in security, lighting, and alarm systems.

The range of PIR sensors is approximately 6 meters, depending on conditions.

When PIR detects the motion of any object the output voltage is high because of its sense infrared radiation whereas it is low when there is no motion.

pir pinout

Component List

Pin Connections of PIR with Arduino

Arduino UNOPIR Sensor

Circuit Diagram For PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino

Circuit Diagram For PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino

Code 1 for PIR Sensor With Arduino

Code 2

Code 3


Output of PIR With Arduino

Uses Of PIR Sensor

  • Automatic Doors which open and close on Motion Detection.
  • All Outdoor Lights.
  • Lift Lobby.
  • Motion Cameras.
  • Lights on/off by Motion Detection.
  • Basement Parking Areas.
  • Escalator Lights(Staircase).
  • Security Alarm based on Motion Detection.

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