Sound Sensor with Arduino

In this tutorial, we will how to detect sound like clapping, talking or shouting with the help of a sound sensor with Arduino.

By detection of sound, we can control home appliances like lights, fans, tv, etc.

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We will use the BOB-08669 breakout board for the Electret Microphone. BOB-08669 is a SparkFun product. It is a microphone that uses a dc voltage of 2.7V up to 5.5V.

sound sensor bob-08669

Components Needed

  • Arduino.
  • Sound Sensor BOB-08669.
  • LED.
  • Jumper Wires.

Circuit Diagram for Sound Sensor with Arduino

Circuit Diagram for Sound Sensor with Arduino


The built-in LED on Arduino pin 13 will turn on when you clap, shout, or play loud music near the microphone.

Here we need to adjust the threshold, use the Serial Monitor to view the high and low values, and change the threshold value so that it is between the high values you get when noise is present and the low values when there is little or no noise.

A microphone produces very small electrical signals.

If we connected it straight to the pin of an Arduino, you would not get any detectable change. The signal needs to be amplified first to make it usable by Arduino.

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