Zigbee is for low-data-rate, low-power applications and is an open customary device.

In a theoretical way, it permits the mixing of implementations from completely different makers, however in observe, Zigbee merchandise is extended and customized by vendors and, thus, full of ability problems.

In contrast to Wi-Fi networks used to connect endpoints to high-speed networks, it supports much lower data rates and uses a mesh networking protocol to avoid hub devices and create a self-healing architecture.

This device is used to produce personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios, such as for home automation,
medical device knowledge assortment and different low-power low-bandwidth desires, designed for tiny scale come which require wireless association.

Hence, Zigbee could be a low-power, low rate, and close proximity (i.e., personal area) wireless ad hoc network.

The technology outlined by the Zigbee specification is meant to be easier and fewer high-priced than different wireless personal space networks (WPANs), like Bluetooth or additional general wireless networking such as Wi-Fi.

Applications embody wireless light-weight switches, home energy monitors, traffic management systems, and different client and industrial instrumentation that need short-range low-rate wireless knowledge transfer.

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