LCD Display 16×2 Module

LCD Display or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is generally used in many electronics applications.

It is widely used in Arduino projects to show status, messages, sensor reading we use LCD 16×2.

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In LCD 16×2 there are 2 lines with 16 characters in each line. Each character is made up of a 5×8 (column x row) pixel matrix.

lcd display 16x2

Pin Description

LCD display pinout
  • VSS:-  connect to Arduino ground pin.
  • VCC:- connect to Arduino 5V pin for power supply.
  • VEE/VO:- it controls the brightness and contrast of LCD. Using a potentiometer we adjust the contrast.
  • RS (Register Select):- 
    • RS = 0:- if RS is 0 then Data on the D0 to D7 pins is considered as a command.
    • RS = 1:-  if RS is 1 then Data on the D0 to D7 pins is considered to display on LCD.
  • RW (Read/Write):-
    • RW = 0:- Write data to the LCD.
    • RW = 1:- Read data from the LCD.
  • E (Enable):- This pin is used to enables the display. When this pin is HIGH, the LCD is processing the incoming data.
  • D0 to D7:- Those are data pins which are used to send 8-bits data and commands to LCD.
  • LED+ and LED- :- control to LCD backlight.


  • To display Status, Messages.
  • To display sensor reading and Custom characters.

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