gps receiver module

GPS Receiver

GPS module receivers are generally used in smartphones, fleet management systems, military, etc. for tracking or finding location. Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system that uses satellites and ground stations to measure and compute its position on Earth.GPS is also known as Navigation System with Time and Ranging (NAVSTAR) GPS.

GPS receiver gives output in standard (National Marine Electronics Association) NMEA string format. It provides output serially on Tx pin with default 9600 Baud rate.

This NMEA string output from the GPS receiver contains different parameters like longitude, latitude, altitude, time, etc. which are separated by commas. Each string starts with ‘$’ and ends with carriage return/line feed sequence.


$GPGGA, 184241.000, 1829.9639,N, 07347.6174, E, 1, 05, 2.1, 607.1, M,-64.7, M, ,0000*7C


gps module

Pin Description of GPS Module

  • VCC: Power Supply 3.3 – 6 V
  • GND: Ground
  • TX: Transmit data serially which gives information about location, time, etc.
  • RX: Receive Data serially. It is required when we want to configure GPS receiver.


  • The GPS chipset is Media Tek MT 3318, 51 Channel.
  • Frequency is L1, 1575.42 MHz; C/A Code.
  • Protocol : NMEA 0183 v3.01, MTK NMEA Compound.
  • UART interface.
  • Baud Rate of 9600bps (default).
  • Working Temperature : -40 °C to 85 °C.

Check GPS Receiver Module

After connection GPS receiver open any serial moniter at 9600 baud rate. The terminal will show data coming from GPS receiver module.

E.g. $GPGGA, 184241.000, 1829.9639,N, 07347.6174, E, 1, 05, 2.1, 607.1, M,-64.7, M, ,0000*7C

In the above string, the NMEA string starting with “$GPGGA” is most popularly used. It provides us Time, Longitude, Latitude and Altitude along with directions. This information is helpful to find Time and Location.

Message ID$GPGGAGGA Protocol Header
UTC Time184241.000hhmmss.sss
N/S IndicatorNN=North, S=South
E/W IndicatorEE=East, W=West
Position Fix Indicator1Fix GPS SPS mode
Satellites Used05Range 0 to 12
HDOP2.1Horizontal Dilution of Precision
MSL Altitude607.1MetersMean Sea Level
Geoid Separation64.7Meters
Age of Diff. Corr.-Null field if DGPS is not used
Diff. Ref Station ID0000
Carriage return Line Feed<CR><LF>End of message transmission

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